A lot of people have asked me how to revert the Perc H310 back to it’s original state.

You’ll need the newer zip file I’ve created with all the necessary files. LSI 9211-8i zip file.

Here are the steps:
If you have more than one card installed you can identify them by running the following command:
megarec -adplist
This will give you a MR Card value which  you can use in the rest of the commands.

If you need to save the SAS Address you’ll need to use:
(DOS) s2fp19.exe -list or (UEFI) sas2flash_p19.efi -list.

Write the stock Perc H310 sbr with the following command:
megarec -writesbr 0 H310.BIN

Next erase the flash area with the following command:
megarec -cleanflash 0

Reboot the machine and boot back into the USB drive.
Download the Dell Perc H310 firmware onto the card with the following command:
megarec -m0flash 0 FW2657A.ROM

Reboot back into the USB drive.
You’ll see the Perc H310 BIOS initialization screen and it may take a while to boot the first time.
Validate your SAS Address with the following command:
megacli -AdpAllInfo -a0 | find "SAS Address"

If your SAS Address doesn’t match you can re-apply your original address with the following command:
megaoem -AdpSetSASA 5xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -a0

You should now have a fully functional Dell Perc H310.