I made some notes while trying to get the TMK firmware on my Phantom/teensy so that I can go back and reference next time I need to do this. I figured I’d publish in case anyone didn’t know where to start. This would be a crude how-to but anyone with decent PC knowledge should be able to walk through this pretty quickly.

Download and install Git https://git-scm.com

Download dfu-programmer https://sourceforge.net/

Copy the dfu-programmer.exe to C:\Program Files\Git\usr\bin or wherever you installed Git.

Download and install WinAVR https://sourceforge.net/

Download the TMK firmware project https://github.com

There should be a “Download ZIP” button top right.

Extract the ZIP file to C:\Users\<yourusername>

Open C:\Users\<yourusername>\tmk_keyboard-master

Right-click on keyboard

Select Properties

Select Security tab

Click Edit

Click Add

Enter ‘Everyone’

Click on the Full Control check box

Click OK

Click OK

Launch Git Bash

cd ~/tmk_keyboard-master/keyboard/phantom/
make -f Makefile.lufa ansi

You should end up with a phantom_lufa.hex file that you can now flash to the Phantom/teensy with the teensy loader.

Download the teensy loader https://www.pjrc.com

Plug the teensy into your PC

Open the teensy loader

Press the reset button on the teensy

Open the .hex file you made

Click the curved arrow that points down to flash the hex file.

Click the straight arrow that points to the right to reboot the teensy.

Your keyboard should now be functional.